Revisol – An innovative developer of circular economy

We recycle by-product flows and waste from companies’ production, such as wood, construction and energy waste. Revisol is a reliable partner for private and public sector companies as well as organizations operating in the field of waste management.

Our headquarters are in the Seinäjoki economic area, and we also operate in the economic areas of Vaasa, Tampere and Kuopio.

Agile operation

Thanks to our own product development and equipment set manufacturing, we can respond to the needs of our customers and partners flexibly, cost-effectively and if necessary, quickly. This way, we can also build sets of equipment for smaller masses that could not be purchased cost-efficiently from large manufacturers.

Our own logistics

The materials are transported using our own equipment, which allows us to significantly influence the efficiency, mileage and eco-friendliness of logistics. If necessary, we also utilize the equipment of our partners, which improves the flexibility of our resources and our ability to serve our customers.

Extensive network

Materials will circulate and benefit society as long and as efficiently as possible. We are constantly looking for new ways to utilize by-product flows and expand our network to find the right makers for every potential product. The larger the number of participants cooperating, the fewer items will be left lying around.

Continuous development of operations

We make sure that our finances are solid and that we can focus on the development of operations and investments. Our goal is strong growth in all areas of our business.

We develop solutions for the industry

We are constantly looking for new means and technical solutions for doing things in a better way. By innovating and investing in new solutions and service models, we also find new ways to increase our revenue and role among the players in the industry.


As an employer

We also want to bring softness and a humane touch to the industry. We invest in the well-being of our employees by providing them a comfortable working environment and ways of working that suit them. We want to hang on to our most skilled employees.

We look after the environment

The circulation of materials for the benefit of society is at the heart of our operation. We are developing our entire production chain from the reception of waste to the transportation of final products in a way that makes our operations as environmentally sustainable as possible.