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We offer the trade sector practical and cost-effective waste management solutions to make the everyday life easier. Significant waste components in the trade sector include cardboard, plastic film and biowaste. It is worthwhile to invest in the source separation of waste because issues with sorting raise waste management costs. We provide appropriate collection tools for the needs of the trade sector, making waste management easier.

We offer solutions such as

  • Waste management assessments, plans and solutions
  • Versatile recycling of plastic film
  • Compactors and balers to collect cardboard
  • Waste components recovered as energy
  • Minimising mixed waste
  • Collection and recycling of cooking fat
  • Sorting and supply of recyclable material for reuse
  • Collection tools for source separation
  • Contractual waste collection and transport solutions
  • Appropriate collection and treatment of hazardous waste
  • Information security services
  • Modern and up-to-date waste management in accordance with regulations

Our waste management solutions are customised whenever necessary. Whatever your waste management needs are, we will identify them and offer the best solution to support your everyday operations!

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