Plastic waste

Businesses are in a great position to advance the circular economy by utilising source separated recycling of various plastics. Recycling plastics can also lead to cost savings. 

Plastic waste is generated in almost every business. Industrial side streams produce surplus and waste materials as well as recyclable plastic film. Construction sites also produce a large number of plastics such as LDPE (stretch wrap, shrink wrap and protective plastics) and hard PE (electrical, water and drainage pipes). Especially at the electrification and furnishing stages of a project, a lot of plastic packaging waste is generated, which should be sorted if possible. In the trade sector and logistics warehouses, different types of recyclable plastic films are generated, and they should be collected separately. Source separation of plastic waste is worthwhile, as there is plenty of demand for recyclable plastics!

We do our part in advancing the circular economy through our operations, recycling a wide variety of plastics:

  • Clear and coloured plastic film
  • Hard plastics
  • Pipes
  • Canisters and containers

We will provide equipment to meet your needs for the collection of plastic waste and, if possible, we can use the customer’s existing waste collection equipment (balers).

Promoting the circular economy

Recyclable plastics is transferred from our waste treatment units for further processing. Non-recyclable plastic waste is utilised in other ways.

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