Secure disposal of archived materials

Revisol offers a service for safe and secure destruction and disposal of archived materials containing sensitive information.

Our experienced professionals handle the processing of sensitive materials into a result that contains nothing identifiable or recognisable. Where applicable, the destroyed material will be repurposed as secondary raw material.

We deploy state-of-the-art methods for the secure disposal of materials. We use a 3D-shredder (DIN-standard 32757, security level 3).

Besides paper documents designated to be destroyed, our secure disposal service also covers the secure disposal and destruction of e.g. bank cards, data security records, hard drives and CD discs. The resulting materials will be further handled in accordance with standard practices for these material types.

We have lockable, data-secure containers available for businesses to use for their everyday needs, and we can empty them as per agreed. The containers come in sizes 140l, 240l and 660l.

Archive hotel

Our services include an archive hotel that operates in the entire Finland. Whether you are looking for a safe place for the archive of your existing business or a bankrupt estate, we can offer secure and monitored premises for your materials. After an agreed retention period, we can securely destroy the materials.

Our secure disposal service for archive materials serves customers at our Ilmajoki/Seinäjoki, Nokia, Vaasa and Kaskinen premises.

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